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PneumoCare Health Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Respicure MedSys Private Limited) has been India”s foremost and premium company in the field of sleep, respiratory and critical care medical equipment since 1996. Pioneering the fields of sleep and non invasive ventilation in India, the founders of this company have since developed this company into a formidable conglomeration of medical devices and an excellent service organization of international repute.

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BestFitTM2 Nasal Mask Fit, seal and comfortable

Advanced Cushion Design allows active control of the seal. The specialized vent prots disperse airflow efficiently and quietly. Advanced comfort and fit mean greater user compliance.


easytofit2 Adjustable forehead support system; helps to minimize leaks and adds to your comfort.

easytofit2Endoscope access port allows endoscopy procedure in conjunction with ventilation. easytofit2Special feeding tube connection port provides freedom of movement withour leakage.
easytofit2Advanced specialized exhaust prot design means a quiet experience for you. easytofit2Personzlized coushion design means a personal seal for each person. The mask feels so comfertable your think it was made just for you.
easytofit2A built-in safety valve automatically opens during non-invasive ventilation if more flow is needed.
easytofit2A non-vented blue elbow option is availble for non-leak ventilation.
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